The Friends of Ishmael Society is an organization focused on publicizing the work of Daniel Quinn, award-winning author of Ishmael, My Ishmael, Story of B, Beyond Civilization, and other important works. Quinn's writings expose the roots of, and cultural myths behind, the most pressing social and environmental issues facing humanity today. We believe that making Ishmael a household name is one of the most effective ways of changing minds, in order to transition to a sustainable way of life.

Before we miss out on the great weather...
We have recently received many emails from people interested in Daniel Quinnıs work. Inspired by and we have decided to unite the friends of Ishmael in the Philadelphia area to discuss our thoughts and reactions to Quinnıs writing and begin to outline what we can do as a community. This first meeting is to serve simply as a meet and greet ­ a chance for us to learn each otherıs faces and names and to hear everyoneıs ideas about what this group should do. Please invite other Quinn readers and friends who are interested in saving the world. We will have a phone list and updated email list with us. Hey and if anyone has a gorilla suit bring it and Steve will get in it. Really. For more informaton call Paul at 215 985 5927.

Steve M and Paul J have been very busy with the Planet Art Network. Check this tribally-inspired community right here in Philly. PANADELPHIA can be found on the web at Also check out for more information on Planet Art Network.